Whiteboarding is great way to Address problems

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I. Company’s don’t know how to attack problem-Where and how do we begin

II. Problem may have deep seeded effect on operations but people are paralyzed by what to do to resolve

III. Owners and managers tolerate problem as they don’t where or how to begin to address

IV. Whiteboarding is a great way to tap into the collaborative thought of a team

  • Call a meeting of stakeholders to a problem
  • Identify the problem to address
  • Choose a facilitator and choose a scribe to record ideas
  • Begin a “ brainstorming” session where ideas are offered aloud by all particpanytts
  • All ideas are captured on the whiteboard hence whiteboarding
  • No ideas are scoffed at
  • We don’t challenge any ideas
  • We all agree to be succinct and to the point
  • As each page is filled up tear off and tape to the wall around the room for everyone to see and review as the process unfolds

V. Take whiteboard to the next step

  • Identify the best solutions to the problem
  • Prioritize the best solutions to the problem

VI. Whiteboard actions that would implement the solutions
VII. Assign actions to people to complete by a specific date
VIII. Schedule followup meeting to review assignments
IX. Change will occur

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