About Us

Our Mission Statement:

“We strive to be the world’s largest provider of guidance, mentoring, and education to the construction contractor. We are the champion of the business owner and their managers, helping them develop systems and processes to improve operations and profitability. We will provide information in a manner that is simple, direct, and focused so that all stakeholders never leave a transaction without possible solutions. We will be a provider that is accountable, ethical, and honest in all of our transactions.”

Who we are:

We are a web-based deliverer of content, processes, and services to clients who want to improve their construction businesses, including its operations and profitability. Our website will be a central community for our members where they can access a variety of information, products, and associated services, that can help them build a better business. We will primarily focus on business processes that are common to all companies in the construction industry, including accounting, project management, marketing, business development, human resources, leadership, strategic planning, legal and life balance.

Our Values:

We are a values-based company, and are focused on maintaining our values in everything we do. Our values include:


  • We intend to provide all information and transactions in a simple direct and focused manner, to ensure effectiveness and understanding among all parties.


  • We intend to provide training to our customers, employees, and all who work with the company on ethical and effective business concepts and practices.


  • We intend to provide guidance and counseling on business skills and practices to customers, employees and experts.


  • We are committed to ongoing education of customers, employees and experts.


  • We aspire that our customers ultimately lead and achieve in their respective fields and markets with the skills provided by the Company.


  • We intend to meet every deadline and benchmark to clients to employees and to shareholders. We intend to discuss and hold high accountability standards between us and our customers, employees and network of experts


  • We intend to always be prepared and ready for every client and employee meeting.


  • We intend to maintain confidentiality and anonymity on all information that the Company handles.


  • We intend to provide value and return on investment for all of our customers.


  • We intend to provide honest and accurate information to customers, employees and network of experts.


  • We intend never to promote “gray-area” or marginal business practices in the information we provide.


  • We intend to create opportunities for all employees and customers to share challenges and successes to learn from each other.


  • We intend to be the world’s most recognized resource for construction-related business information and expertise for the business owner or manager


  • We intend to always interact with customers, employees, and team members in a dignified and respectful manner.


  • We intend to provide and deliver the most up to date information in state of the art delivery systems.


  • We intend to give back to the communities we serve through scholarships and no charge access to services and help for students, disadvantaged businesses and emerging markets.

Our Executives:
Tom Dedin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In 1998 Tom left a position as a project manager for a market leading construction contractor, to start his own business as an outsource provider of business services to construction contractors in the Colorado market. Tom realized that a market of contractors existed that could use his experience and skills in the construction industry to improve their business operations. This business, Construtcus, allowed Tom to combine his passion for coaching, with his industry experience; to help and to guide construction contractors to grow into professionally managed businesses. From his years as a college baseball coach, Tom understood that the same goal setting, process improvement, conditioning and daily practice was necessary for businesses to improve their operations.

Tom’s attention and commitment to process and systems has guided him through a career of success in helping build better businesses. Tom’s passion for planning and business modeling and his vision that led him to found Constructus, make him uniquely qualified to lead this 2.0 version of Constructus.

Randy Diner, Managing Partner

Randy has spent the last 30 years as an owner and founder of a market leading construction materials supplier.  He has experience starting businesses and organizations from the ground up, helping them grow them into mature, successful entities. Randy has been accused of being a “serial volunteer” having served on the boards of several industry trade and service organizations.

Randy has a commitment to ongoing education, which led him to be a long standing member of a peer advisory group for business leaders. Additionally his personal experience in hiring advisors and consultants, for his own business, and the successful impact they have had in helping his enterprise grow into a market leading entity; have made him an outspoken advocate for businesses to seek outside knowledge to resolve problems and improve their operations and profitability.