Inside Look: Our “Collaborative Tech” Initiative

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Ever find yourself banging your head against your desk trying to figure out the “latest and greatest” tech offering that claims it will save you time and effort in your daily tasks?

Yup. At Constructus International, we do too.

So often we find ourselves in these kinds of situations. We know the value that new technology offers, especially in the overall vision of the company, but end up spending countless wasted hours trying to figure it out on our own.

Technology in the construction industry specifically has risen to new heights over the last decade. From XXXX to XXXX, these new tools save us time, effort and money. Plus, they have become essential to the systems and processes of running a successful business in the industry.

But, how can we make the onboarding process of these new tech tools more efficient?

Recently, the Constructus team has developed a practice of “Collaborative Tech” – an initiative for employees, managers and owners alike to share their tech knowledge with the team to improve overall systems and processes. From scheduled brown bag lunches about the newest XXX features to casual happy hour drinks with co-workers explaining the newest Android/iPhone offering… these are immensely valuable.

Not only are we learning from each other, but we are also creating a collaborative environment where each employee feels that they are contributing to the overall success of the business. New tech ideas are always welcome and encouraged! Having a culture that encourages the sharing of knowledge empowers individuals to continue learning and advancing in their own career paths.

Together, we are continuing to improve our systems and processes, while also improving our practices out in the field… all through new technology. By teaching each other how technology can make our lives more efficient, we are becoming more efficient in our company as a whole.

This “Collaborative Tech” initiative has been a game changer in our business. And as the “next big thing” in technology is always right around the corner, it gives us our team confidence knowing that as a company, we will master it together.

What tech are you using these days? Join our “Collaborative Tech” initiative and share your knowledge with our team in the comments. We’ll be sure to return the favor 😉

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