Creating a Vision for your Company’s Future

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Are you a business owner who stays up late dreaming of what your business can become? Being the known expert in your field, hiring your first employees, landing that big deal… all these things are attainable if you have a solid business vision!

A part of developing this vision is educating yourself on becoming a wholesome business leader. The best way to do this is not only by learning from your peers but also by learning from other business leaders and gurus who have already struck gold.

Michael Gerber is one of those leaders. He is known by Inc. Magazine as “the World’s Small Business Guru” and has impacted millions of lives of small business owners through his book, “The E-Myth Revisited.”

In this book, Gerber emphasizes that “you cannot build a successful company if you cannot visualize it first.” Visualization is key in knowing where you are going. As a business owner, you need to be able to visualize things like your future staff, your future products, and your future successes. By thinking about your company’s future, you begin to make decisions that work towards those goals. This way of thinking dramatically effects your day to day actions and how you maintain the general “health” of your business.

A few things that are covered in this book include:

  • The value of developing a vision for your business
  • What to consider when thinking about your company’s future
  • How to communicate these goals with your staff and investors
  • How to avoid burn out and stay focused on your vision

This book is a must. It’s easy to read and relate to as Gerber uses many case studies to illustrate his concepts. Check out his book and much more on his website:

Happy reading!

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