What is Accountability: #1

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The word accountability is thrown around a lot at our companies. What does it mean and what do we mean when we use it.  Accountability; is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility.

Two suggestions on how to improve accountability at your company

  1. Read the above definition to the person you want to be accountable and then ask if they agree to accept responsibility for the task you are charging them with. Agreement is very important it states understanding at the very beginning.
  2. Do not accept failure to show up with information, or to meet a deadline from an employee. This includes inaccurate or incomplete reporting.  It’s not about embarrassment or humiliation it’s about being accountable. Embarrassment or humiliation is something a person brings on themselves if they fail to meet an obligation they agreed to.  Do not avoid stating to them they have failed to meet their obligation. Ask them why they have failed to meet their responsibility?  Not saying anything as a leader is a tacit approval or enabling them to fail to meet their obligations.

By: Bennie Franklin

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