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Systemized Bidding Processes and Philosophy

Read Time 4 Mins

As contractors it may seem that we must bid a lot of projects to get a small amount of work. Some contractors experience about 30% success rate of what they bid. I feel that many times contractors do not bid smart; they bid to be bidding projects and many times do not look close enough to investigate the projects they are going after. In doing, so they spend a lot of time bidding “dead end” jobs that may not be profitable or ones that they should not tackle to begin with.  Because everyone’s time is precious, you need to develop a company philosophy that determines your bidding efforts.  In the process, there are many things to consider when bidding work.

Everything You Do Says Something About You

Read Time 4 Mins

The other day I was visiting over breakfast with a contractor friend of mine, and we were discussing various issues pertaining to running an effective construction business. He mentioned a statement to me that many times we fail to think about, and I thought as adults we should be reminded of from time to time. This statement was: “Everything you do says something about you”

Downward Focus

Read Time 4 Mins

Many employees and company owners want to “move up the ladder” to higher company employment positions as employees or to bigger and better, more prestigious construction projects well before they are ready for those positions. There are some things to remember when trying to move up the ladder. If you or your company are known for getting a good employment position or acquiring good prestigious project, and you do not perform, not only will your pride be hurt, but you will have a tough time trying to get one of those jobs or projects any time soon.